What is Buzz Buddy?
Buzz Buddy Liquor is a retailer of wine, beer and spirits located in Calgary, Alberta. As an omni-channel retailer, Buzz Buddy is committed to empowering consumers by offering flexible shopping experiences as well as a unique selection of liquor products. Our cutting-edge e-commerce presence offers the speed and convenience of on-demand delivery, while our retail location is dedicated to providing a superior, customer-focused, in-store shopping experience.
How does Buzz Buddy work?
Buzz Buddy stocks an evolving collection of beer, wine and spirits in Calgary, Alberta. You can browse, order, and pay for these products on our website. Simply choose your bottles, select a delivery time, and track your order in real time.
Where is Buzz Buddy available?

Buzz Buddy is currently available in Calgary, Alberta.  Below are the different service levels currently offered:

  • On-demand (in under an hour) service is currently available in certain areas of Calgary, AB.  
  • Scheduled delivery (next day) is currently available in certain areas of Calgary, AB.
  • Courier service (2-3 days) is currently available in the province of Alberta.
How long do deliveries take?

Below are the different service levels currently available, however delivery times are subject to the available service level in your specific area of the city.

  • On Demand: Delivered in under an hour
  • Scheduled delivery: Next day or future delivery
  • Courier service: 2-3 days (Within the province of Alberta)
Will I need an ID to accept delivery?
Yes. The delivery driver will ask for an ID and use software on their smartphones to check the validity of a customer’s form of identification. Upon delivery, you will be asked to produce your ID that matches the credit card used to make the purchase.
Can I use Buzz Buddy to send someone a gift?

Sending a bottle of wine, liquor or case of beer has never been easier.

You can send friends and family members their favorite beer, wine or liquor by clicking the “Send a Gift” option at the home page.  From there, enter the address where you want it to be delivered, name the gift recipient, and begin shopping as you would any other Buzz Buddy order.

Once the order is placed, the recipient will receive an email notifying they have been sent a gift and instructions on how to schedule a convenient time for it to be delivered. You can also include a note to the recipient, which will be included in the initial email.

Can I pre-schedule a delivery?
Absolutely! At checkout, you have the option to schedule your order for future delivery. To do so, you will be asked to chose a one hour window in which you will receive your order.
What if no one is at the delivery location to receive my order?
If we cannot get in touch with you to make the delivery, you will be refunded the cost of your order minus a $10.00 restocking fee.
Do you sell other items such as cigarettes?
No, under our liquor license, we may only sell the items listed on our website.
Do you accept returns?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we accept returns within 30 days from purchase at our retail location. The original proof of sale, receipt or confirmation sent by us must be included. Items that have been cooled or warmed may not be returned as this can effect the quality of the product.
Can I have alcohol left in the mailbox, or on the step, or beside my home?
You must be present for your delivery with Valid ID at the time of delivery.
Is there a delivery fee to use Buzz Buddy?
To help offset the costs involved with delivery, delivery fee’s are tied to the service level available in your area. To find out what the delivery fee is in your area, simply enter your address on the homepage and start browsing products. Once you’ve continued to the checkout page you will then see the specific fee and service level available.
Is there a delivery minimum?
The minimum order for delivery is $20.
Is it possible to pay in cash?
Charges for alcohol must be paid via credit card on our website. Driver tips are payable in cash if desired.
Can I use my relatives or friends credit card and have alcohol delivered?
The cardholder must be present at time of delivery and in possession of the card used for the purchase, with Valid Government ID.
Can I cancel or make changes to my order?
You can cancel or reschedule a delivery anytime before the driver is on his or her way to your location by emailing sales@buzzbuddy.ca. You may also cancel a scheduled delivery through the website up to 15 minutes prior to your chosen delivery window. Kindly note that changes to a delivery time cannot be made once a driver is en route to your delivery address.
I currently earn Buzz Buddy Rewards when shopping in-store, do I earn points for online purchases as well?
The in-store points plan is separate from the online points program, and each cannot be combined or used on the other sales platform.